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The vTrace combines the tools traceroute, ping, whois, nslookup (dig), netstat into an easy to use graphical interface that analyzes Internet connections to quickly locate where an outage or slowdown occurs. In addition, vTrace identifies the geographical location of IP addresses on a map. While many IP lookup tools only provide network provider locations, this module uses GeoIP location engine to provide a much higher level of accuracy by identifying the actual physical city and country location of servers and routers.

User manual - UserManual.pdf


Main Screen - time view

In this (front) panel you can traceroute a host and view reply time from every HOP

Main Screen - TTL view

In this (front) panel you can traceroute a host and view TTL for every HOP

Main Screen - map view

In this (front) panel you can view traceroute to a host on the map


This module will help you get whois information about target host. You can enter IP, domainname or AS number in input field.


In this module you can nslookup target host or domain.

NetStat - table view

In this module you can view simple netstat for your host

NetStat - map view

This module helps you to trace, identify and monitor your network activity on world map. You can trace any website or IP address on your map. Built on .NET technology this module uses fast and reliable approach in detecting hostnames, IP addresses, domain names.

IP Statistic

IP Statistic tab shows you few information about your system network status


In this module you can scan target host. This is a very simple and aggressive scan, so run it only if you know what you're doing.